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I would like to begin with emphasizing that the majority of my clients are through referrals - this is because I put a strong focus on developing a trusting relationship whereby I always have my client’s best interest in mind throughout the buying or selling process.


Identifying great or bad opportunities for clients is based on thorough data analysis of recent sales trends and making insightful and sincere recommendations to them.  There are many realtors out there who want to do a deal as quickly as possible and will say anything to you to make this happen so that they can move on to another client and make more money – I am the opposite.


I believe in showing clients a large variety of housing options available based on their budget, location, size, school zone and other key criteria. I explain the trade-offs between the different properties and understand that this is an iterative process which requires you to look at many properties to get a good sense of context. I believe in developing long term relationships and want to earn your future business and potential referrals.


When it comes to negotiating the purchase price on a property you are interested in, I work very hard for your interests and if the Seller does not accept a good offer price, I will be transparent and advise you to move on to other better opportunities. 


At the end of the buying process, my clients always come out ahead as they never overpay and always get the lowest price possible for their ideal home. This is why my clients are always happy after they buy and know that they have made a good and informed investment.


I look forward to helping you find your dream home!






Experience: 10 years
Languages Spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin
Property Search, Faye Wang

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